Lodis Handbags

Celestial Diva Clutch Wallet
Recently, I went window shopping at Nordstrom, where I fell in love with these clutches made by a brand named Lodis. This clutch is called the Celestial Diva Clutch , where it features a unique leather abstract design, shiny nickel hardwear, and metallic accents, followed by beautiful colors. It looks as if a painter just painted a beautiful piece of artwork, on the bag. It also comes in many different colors, and offers multiple slots for cards, coins, and money. This clutch is also available in colors, olive and marine. This bag is priced at $185 online at lodis.comlodis.com


Zara TRF Lookbook Colordresses

My new fave store is now Zara, with their new TRF Lookbook: Colordresses. It features bold colors, prints, and florals.

Pavon by Luz in Victoria

I love these dresses made by two sister designers with their line Pavon by Luz and Victoia. Their most famous for these fabulous funky dresses inspired by the 80's and 90's decade. As you can see they come in a variety of prints, and their actually affordably priced at $80 each. Get these dresses also worn by Amber Rose and you'll be an A-List Styler, walking the streets.

Louis Vuitton Tote

I want this Louis Vuitton Neverfull mm tote soooooo bad, it's sooo simple, classy, and chic. It is priced at $775 on their website.

A-Morir by Kerin Rose Shades

Women Women

I love these shades by A- Morir by Kerin Rose. They are mostly worn by celebrities such as Rihanna ( Rihanna wearing above: Barracuda Glasses; bottom: Sioux Glasses in Black Lace), Lady Gaga, Jasmine Sullivan, Nicki Minaj, Cassie, Katy Perry, and more. They are very expensive, in the $300 range, but you can buy them from a website called karmaloop.com, wear they are a little cheaper and on sale.  

Ray Ban Sunglasses

I love these Ray Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses, they are very retro. You can find them at any retailer that sells Ray Ban, and these are priced at $143, I know expensve, but they are sooooo cute.

Retro City Sunglasses

Black Pointy Cat Eye SunglassesBlack Flat Top Sunglasses with Gold ChainSilver Mirrored Aviator SunglassesFloral Diva Aviator Sunglasses
If you haven't already read my previous post, my new obsession now are  sunglasses. I found out about a popular brand called Retro City Sunglasses. They have a variety of styles (Aviator, Flat-Top,Cat Eye), some are listed above. They also come in many colors, so you have a lot to choose from. These glasses are very affordable, regular pricing $10-$12 and sale items from $5-$8. The key thing about them are that their not cheap, these sunglasses are made very sturdy, and are not loose or flimsy at all. These areperfect for the upcoming summer so don't miss out, if your trying to rock an Amber Rose look, with stunna shades . Visit retrocitysunglasses.com where, they have free shipping on orders $50 - up, and a flat rate of $5.95.


Grey Ant Status Sunglasses

I love these sunglasses they are so raw, they are definetly making my wishing list. They are called Grey Ant Status Sunglasses and they cost $253.


Deborah Lippman Nail Polishes

I just found out about some raw nail polishes called Deborah Lippmann. I love her nail polishes, they come in really unique colors that are all named after songs. This one is a purple glitter with a hint of black , and its called Bad Romance. Her bottles are so fancy, and she has really cute packeging. Her nail polishes range from $16 - $18, but they are very worth  the price. They are sold at top department stores ( Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus), but you can also get them from her website.

A_List Styler: Jeffrey Campbell Lita

A_List Styler: Jeffrey Campbell Lita: "I love the Jeffrey Campbell Lita shoes, they come in a wide variety of colors, designs, and glitters. I think that these shoes are very uni..."

Jeffrey Campbell Lita

I love the Jeffrey Campbell Lita shoes, they come in a wide variety of colors, designs, and glitters. I think that these shoes are very unique with its 5 in. heel, and 2 in. platform,which makes them easier to walk in. To get these shoes visit solestruck.com  sizes range from 5- 11, and they are $159.95. Get these shoes and it will instantly make you an a- list styler.